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Disposal of Electrical & Electronic Equipment

Unwanted electrical equipment (including spent light bulbs and tubes) is the UKs fastest growing type of waste, and sending it to landfill can cause lead and other toxins to leak out and contaminate soil and water, harming wildlife and human health.

Under 2007 legislation we are obliged and must play our part to ensure that the amount of waste on certain electrical and electronic equipment is reduced going forward. 

The Electrical Showroom works with our customers to ensure such waste is separated from household waste; it is collected separately and ultimately disposed of in a sound environmental manner – i.e. recycled and doesn’t go into your normal household waste bin.

How do I know which items are affected?

Items that should not be thrown into your general house hold waste will have a crossed out wheelie bin sign on them.

If the item you are replacing does not have a symbol on it but the replacement item does then this is an indication that the old item cannot be put into your general house hold waste and will need to be recycled.

Where can I dispose of my electrical equipment?

If your electrical equipment has a crossed out wheelie bin symbol on it then you need to take this waste to your nearest Designated Collection Facility (DCF) who will be able to dispose of it correctly – this is a free service to the general public. 

To find your nearest site please contact your local council or visit:   Type in your post code and your nearest site will be displayed.  

Where can I dispose of my batteries?

Under the Waste Battery Regulations The Electrical Showroom offer a take back scheme for all portable waste batteries.

Please return your waste batteries to our business premises in person – Unit 2, 362A Spring Road, Sholing, Southampton, SO19 2PB.

Please do not post any batteries back to us.

Alternatively you can dispose of your batteries at your local portable waste battery recycling facility.

Your nearest site can be located at

Please help The Electrical Showroom in our endeavours to recycle as much waste as possible by following the above guidance.