Turn Your Existing Appliances Smart

Let us introduce the brand Timeguard. They have innovative products to help control your everyday heating and lighting appliances, without the need to completely change or upgrade your appliances. The products include timers for automatically switching on and off lighting and heating over a time period up to 7 days. Let’s take a look into some of the Timeguard products and their features.



TG24 24 Hour Plug-In Segment Time Controller

  • Plug-in control for 13 amp £3kW) heating appliances, Filament lighting to 400W, CFL lighting to 100W and LED lighting to 60W
  • 15 minute minimum switching interval which can be increased 15 minute steps
  • Permanent ON override for instant control
  • Easy to use segment setting dial


NTM02 24 Hour/7Day Company Digital Module

  • 4 ON/4 OFF easy-set programme period per day, 28 ON/28 OFF programmes per week, shortest switching time 1 minute
  • Extra large ‘Easy View’ screen with Blue LED backlighting
  • Self-cancelling override button to next programme change
  • Optional 1 and 2 hour boost button
  • Automatic Summer/Winter time changeover


LUNA 109 Twilight Switch Single Channel (2 Module)

  • 2-2000 LUX adjustable range
  • 60 second (ON/OFF) built-in delay prevents nuisance switching
  • Switches up to 2300W of filament lighting, 400VA of fluorescent lighting or 140W or low energy lighting
  • Test button allows testing of the installation from outside the brightness


NTTWIFI Wi-Fi Controlled 7 Day Timeswitch

  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Works with Wi-Fi and 4G
  • Supports multiple devices and multiple users
  • Schedule times over a week with up to 6 ON/OFF programmers per day with weekly repeats
  • 4 programming modes available – auto timed, ON, OFF and holiday mode
  • Optional 1 and 2 hour boost
  • Automatic Summer/Winter changeover




Installation of the Timeguard products can be a bit fiddly if you’re new to installation electrical appliances, but once installed you can enjoy a smarter home which works around you. The Timeguard products are a great way to be more energy smart and make your appliances work smarter without having to replace them, so you don’t have to invest in expensive new Wi-Fi ready devices. Enjoy timed heating and lighting for when you get home after a long day at work without breaking the bank to do so.

(Technical specifications can be found on the product pages).