Take a Look at Ring Indoor Cameras

The Ring cameras specifically designed for the inside of your home is a great addition to enhance your security for protection inside and out. There are two options available, the Indoor Cam and Stick Up Cam. The main difference between Indoor Cam and Stick Up Cam are their placement options and how they receive power.

Indoor Cam is an indoor-only camera that plugs into standard European power sockets for non-stop power.

Stick Up Cam is a versatile camera that goes anywhere, inside or out. It’s weather-resistant and comes in four different power options: Battery, Plug-in, Solar and Power over Ethernet.

The Indoor Cam

The Indoor Cam is compact and can fit almost anywhere. It has a stylish design that looks sleek in any home and can be placed on shelving units, dressers, bookcases and more for the perfect 24/7 security.

The Indoor Cam has 1080p HD live view and video so you can see in detail and clearly what’s going on. The camera also features night vision, customisable motion zones and advanced motion detection. It has a diagonal 140 degree field of view, horizontal 115 degree and vertical 60 degree field of view so you can see a vast amount from the compact and tiny camera. It also has the two way audio with noise cancellation so you can communicate to your kids if they’re home from school, or checking in with your dog.

The Indoor Cam uses an indoor power adaptor to power up the small but mighty camera. It requires a minimum upload speed of 1Mbps, but 2Mbps is recommended for optimal performance. It also has connectivity of 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection @ 2.4GHz.

The Stick Up Cam

The Stick Up Cam offers protection inside and out, making it incredibly versatile. Place is on a flat surface for flexibility or mount to a wall for a more permanent solution, making it ideal to what you need and where you need the camera to situate.

The Stick Up Cam offers 1080p HD video and live view, along with advanced motion detection with customisable motion zones so you can only be alerted by areas most important. It has a diagonal 130 degree field of view, horizontal 110 degree and vertical 57 degree field of view. The camera as standard also includes to way audio with noise cancellation so you can see, hear and speak to those in your home clearly.

The camera comes in a wired or battery version – battery more of a preference when used inside to avoid trailing wires around your home. The battery version is powered by a quick release battery pack, where you can purchase additional batteries for continued power whilst your supplied battery recharges.

It has a 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection @ 2.4GHz.