Meet the new Nest Hub

The Nest Hub 2nd Gen will become a new staple in your smart home life. It is an upgraded version of the Nest Hub with new features and better sound. It is the center of your helpful home, keeps family connected as well as the new features that help you wind down and wake up, which we will go into with more detail further down. Let us delve into why you need the new Nest Hub 2nd Gen.

Entertainment made easy

The Nest Hub features a 7” touchscreen that allows you to catch up on Netflix shows, watch Youtube for recipes hands free as well as enjoy music on the new and enhanced speaker that has 50% more bass than the original Nest Hub. You can also create groups with other Nest speakers and displays so you can enjoy amazing sound in every room.

Wave your hand

The Nest Hub has a feature called Quick Gestures which allows you to control many of the features the Hub possesses. Play or pause a song or video, stop a timer and more with a wave of your hand. It uses Motion Sense to detect when your hand moves, so you can control the display without needing to touch it. Perfect for when you are baking in the kitchen and don’t want to get any dough on the Hub! This is a perfect companion to the hands-free help offered so you can enjoy learning how to knead dough or make a complicated recipe without losing concentration on what you’re doing.

Helpful for the start and end of your day

The Nest Hub has been known to be placed in the bedrooms of its users. So, with that being known the new feature of the Sunrise Alarm works magically without disturbing you winding down r up for the day. The Sunrise Alarm on the Nest Hub wakes you up gently and gradually brightens the display and increases the alarm volume, bringing you out of your sleep peacefully. Not only that, but it helps you unwind at night. The ‘Your Evening’ page helps you wind down at night and get ready for the following day by playing tranquil relaxation sounds to help get you to fall asleep.

Sleep Sensing

One of the most exciting features the Nest Hub has is the Sleep Sensing [1] feature. It uses motion and sound to analyse your sleep. It understands when you go to bed, when you get up and how long you have rested. [2] You can simply ask the Hub “Hey Google, how did I sleep last night” to find out your sleep summary. The Sleep Sensing feature helps you improve the way you sleep with personalised insights as well as helpful tips, and with the Google Fit app you can view your sleep data throughout the day. There is so many helpful things that the Sleep Sensing has to offer and can be great for looking into your sleeping pattern which so many of us do struggle with at times.


The Nest hub features a simple design with subtle colours that go with any décor you may have in your home. The display also adjusts to ambient room light, making it the perfect brightness, not too bright or not too dim. Its enclosure is also made from 54% recycled material, making it more environmentally friendly.

The Nest Hub 2nd Gen includes some remarkable new features and shows that Google Nest is always wanting to improve their already helpful products, making them even smarter and helpful with day to day life.

[1] Sleep Sensing requires a subscription service. Sleep Sensing features are subject to your permissions and settings.

[2] Nest Hub with Sleep Sensing is not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, prevent or treat any disease or condition and should not be used as an alternative to seeking appropriate medical advice or treatment where needed.