Keeping your Home Warm this Winter with Tado

Now we are experiencing colder temperatures and approaching Winter, it is incredibly important to make sure our home can be as cosy and warm as it can be. The Tado range offers various solutions to help save energy as well as keeping you toasty.


Creating smart schedules around you

The smart thermostats included in this bundle can be installed on multiple radiators to allow you to set up multiple zones within your home. Create schedules within the Tado app so you can pop your heating on 30 minutes before you arrive from work or from picking up the kids, so you can enjoy the warmth as soon as you get home. No more unfriendly cold!


The radiator thermostats are super easy to install. Simply replace the old conventional radiator valves or thermostat to enjoy controlled warmth. The bundle includes various sized adaptors so you can simply choose which one is right for your radiator valve, making it simple and convenient to upgrade without any hassle, or tools! (Suitable for standard radiators with TRV’s.)  

Smart assistant compatible

Offering several integration possibilities from Google Home, Amazon Echo, Apple HomeKit as well as IFTTT so you can voice control your heating, create scenes with the HomeKit and create applets with IFTTT to connect with other smart devices. A great feature to creating a more interconnected home.

What comes in the box?

2 x smart radiator thermostats, 1 x internet bridge, various cables, and connectors, 3 x adaptors per thermostat as well as AA batteries to power you up so you can get started straight away.