Keeping your Home Secure this Summer with Ring

Summer has arrived, meaning lighter days and enjoying going out to the beach or going on holiday for many. Whilst you enjoy your Summer has home security come across your mind? Security for the home has become a staple to many who may be enjoying weekends away and being able to keep an eye on their home at the same time. Here’s a few key things and products for you to consider to keep your home and possessions safe this Summer.




Ensure to lock all doors and windows. Leaving a window ajar is an invitation to burglars, so check before you leave your home that everything is locked up.

Let your neighbours know you’re going away can help as they may be able to keep an eye for you, possibly take in parcels and post to help avoid any possible opinion that you have gone away.

How Ring Can Help

Illuminating dark areas can help. Installing a Ring Floodlight Cam or Spotlight Cam can help do this so if any motion is detected it will illuminate that area, helping deter any unwanted visitors. Sirens can also be triggered if you notice a presence you weren’t expecting which will help scare off potential burglars and the noise will help notify neighbours.

Keeping the inside of your home protected too for an extra layer of security. With Ring’s Indoor Cam and Stick Up Cam you will receive a motion activated notification if somebody comes in view of the cameras, giving you peace of mind you can check in on your home. The 2nd Gen Alarm Kit can also be a great investment thanks to all of its components which include motion detectors and contact sensors that alert you when a door or window opens, or if motion has been detected.

By combining basics you can do at home along with adding security devices to help you keep an eye and monitor you home through the app on your phone you can enjoy a hassle-free holiday and the Sun!