Introduction to LED Strip Lighting

LED Strip Lights are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility. Not only can you enhance a certain area in your home that may not get much light but it is also incredibly creative and allows you to experiment with different variations of lighting without having to have them always permanently fixed to that particular spot.

LED Strips are easily controlled from your phone or a controller and many brands such as Integral LED and Crompton do RGB colours too, so you can create endless possibilities with what colours you can choose. They’re fun, not vastly expensive and can be a great way to modernise your home without much work involved.

LED Strip Brightness and Colours

LED Strips can be extremely bright and can get a high lumen light output per meter. The higher the lumen the brighter the outcome. Some LED Strips include dimmability capability so you can adjust how bright you want the lighting. Dimming can be great for a cosy quiet night in where you may just some subtle lighting when watching a film.

The strips can come in various colour temperatures of white, so 5000K which is cool white, 4000K neutral white as well as 3000K warm white and everything in between. Some do include RGB which allow you to change the colour to a vibrant fuchsia or maybe an adventurous sea blue, which make them great for parties and adding a splash of colour to your home.



Installation of LED Strips

Ensuring you know how many packs you may need is a good start. Many strips come in per meter, or a pack of 5 meters so it’s a good idea to measure out where you’re wanting to place them first to ensure you have the right amount. Each LED Strip from various brands require slightly different installation. Some products like the Crompton Flexi LED Strip Kit feature a self-adhesive backing which you can stick onto any clean surface without any professional help. Some also may be suitable for indoor use only, whereas some strips can be used outside due to having an ingress protection rating, so it’s best to check the technical specifications before purchasing so you know which one is right for you.

You can get incredibly creative with LED Strips. Apply under your kitchen cabinets to bring some warmth to your kitchen with a warm white tone or add around television cabinets, wardrobes, ceilings… the list is endless and it can be exciting to create your own euphoric atmosphere or tranquil space easily.