Guide to BG Nexus Weatherproof Ranges

BG Nexus is well known for its ranges of electrical sockets, switches and more. They are high in quality as well as value and are one of our most popular ranges to date. We’ve written a brief guide on the indoor electrical goods they offer, now let’s take a peek at what some of the ranges can offer for outdoor electrics.


Nexus Decorative

The Nexus Decorative is a range of IP66 rated accessories that feature blue LED indicators, and are a stylish way to add switches and sockets to any outdoor space.

  • Stylish stainless-steel face place on a polycarbonate housing and black mounting box
  • Hex style cover fixing screws with key supplied
  • Blue LED indicator that can be wired to illuminate when switch is on or off
  • IP66 rated with plug in use and has cover sealed

The range features 20-amp 20AX switches as well as 13-amp socket outlets. Both come in a sleek design and adds a stylish touch compared to your usual chunky, plastic feeling sockets you can usually get for outdoor use.

Nexus Storm

The Nexus Storm is a range of high-quality impact resistant plastic with IP66 protection against water and dust ingress. This range maybe less stylish than the Nexus Decorative, but it offers more resilience and a wider product range.

  • Ergonomic design with see through cover
  • Robust high impact UB stable housing
  • Stay open socket cover
  • Multiple gland entry positions and quick to wire

The range consists of 20-amp switches, 13-amp socket outlets, enclosures as well as junction boxes so you have more options when kitting out your garden.




Nexus IP55

The Nexus IP55 is a range of switches, socket outlets and junction boxes that offer an IP55 protection against water and dust ingress. The products are sturdy and resilient against the weather (making it perfect especially with the unpredictability of the British weather!).

  • Upward opening covers
  • Robust plastic enclosure, suitable for outdoor locations
  • Grey finish blends into the surroundings

The range still has smooth, rounded edges for subtle detail and has been designed to blend and offer ease of use with its upward opening cover.