Features of the Ring 2nd Gen Alarm System

Ring’s 2nd Generation Alarm Starter Kit is the perfect addition for adding security within your home. Featuring everything you need to get started to help protect your family and home, it is a great piece of equipment to help put your mind at ease when you’re not at home. Let’s take a look at the features of the alarm kit.

Base Station

The Base Station is the connecting hub for all of your Ring security devices. Simply plug the Base Station in, and it'll link to the other components of the Kit via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. The Base Station includes an alarm, and has backup battery power for up to 24 hours in the event of a power cut.


The Keypad allows you to easily control your Ring security system when at home. It includes "Home", "Away", and "Disarmed" modes, and new panic buttons to sound the alarm on your Base Station. The Keypad can be easily mounted on a wall, or use as a portable device. Features both battery and wired power options.

Contact Sensor

The Contact Sensor alerts you when a window or a door is tampered with. The new, sleek design of the Sensor includes a removable magnet that makes the installation a doddle.

Motion Detector

The Motion Detector can be mounted on any flat surface or even in a corner, and will alert you when it senses movement within its range. The Smart motion detection allows your pets to roam around the house freely without triggering the sensor.

Range Extender

The Range Extender spreads the signal from your Base Station to all the other Kit components, so your security coverage stays clear and strong at all times. The Extender simply plugs into a standard electrical socket.

Additional components can be purchased to enhance the security of your home, such as additional motion detectors or contact sensors so you can customise your security just how you need.