Exploring the Eufy Dual 2K Video Doorbell

The new Eufy Dual Video Doorbell features two cameras that are perfect for those who are away most of the day, and ideal for parcel detection. It offers a new and unique concept. Let's explore the features of the new 2K video doorbell.

Two Cameras

The Eufy Dual Video Doorbell features a frontward-facing camera that focuses on the courier (and visitors), along with a downward-facing camera that sees your package. You can even move the additional camera left or right for an almost unlimited view of your porch, so you can see clearly where your package has been left.

Delivery Guard

The doorbell offers Delivery Guard which instanmtly notifies you when your package arrives and sends pick-up reminders so the parcel is never abandoned. You will even receive alerts when anyone approaches your package so you can respond, making it perfect for helping tackle parcel theft when you're on holiday or at work. With this helpful tool, it can help eliminate lost/stolen parcels, plus you can even call your emergency contact directly from the Eufy Security app so they can collect your parcel if you know you're not going to be home for a while.

2K HD Video

The doorbell offers powerful and detailed 2K HD video so you can identify and see everything clearly. It has HDR (high dynamic range) visuals, even visitors backlit by the sun can be seen in perfect colour and detail.

No Subscription Fees

Eufy requires no subscription, so you never have to pay for cloud services - making it a great option if you're wanting to upgrade your home security without any additional monthly costs.

Additional Features

The Eufy Dual Doorbell has up to 6 months battery (motion events dependant) along with two way audio so you can communicate to visitors, or potential theives, all from your phone. It can work with an existing chime and has voice assistant compatibility. It offers easy installation with just a power drill and screw driver - making it perfect for those who want a quick yet effective option without paying for professionals to install.

The Dual Doorbell offers an array of featurs perfect for those who want to upgrade their current doorbell, along with keeping an eye on their parcels. It requires the HomeBase 2 to work (supplied) and offers IP65 weather resistant protection.