Benefits of Using a Smart Plug: And Our Favourites

Smart plugs are slowly taking over the traditional standard plug sockets, and there are many reasons why. Smart plugs can transform the way you interact with your appliances, for those who don’t know it may sound silly. Smart plugs allow you to control your devices remotely, making it easier to switch on those appliances even when you’re not at home. The smart plugs are controlled via an app that has been created by the supplier, and you can control your appliances power with a simple touch of a button.

Can they help with my electricity bills?

Smart plugs can help lower your electricity bill and can always make your home safer without accidently leaving on your hair straighteners or heaters on. Because of how easy it is to control your appliances and see what plugs are turned on or not with one tap on your phone you can turn off each plug socket that doesn’t need to be on. It is very easy to leave a traditional plug on, and can easily forget to turn appliances off, but because of the control from your phone, that is a thing of the past.

Creating timed schedules

With many of the smart plugs you can also create schedules so appliances will automatically turn on or off at selected times. That clever feature is perfect when you have a busy household in the morning, making the kids lunches whilst trying to get yourself ready for work, it is easy to forget to turn off plugs, so with this nifty feature you no longer have to.

Can Smart Plugs help with home security?

It can help with home security! By popping on your lamp situated by your window whilst you’re out to look like someone is home, even if you’re miles away. You don’t have to have an expensive budget to be able to afford one of these. Various brands have brought out smart plugs with a variety of price ranges and features.

We have selected some of the smart plugs from reputable brands that we love and recommend, which are all packed with useful features that you will fall in love too.

  1. Ener-J Wi-Fi Smart Plug
  2. Hive Active Plug
  3. Yale Smart Sync Plug