A little help from Google this Christmas

We all know how exciting, yet stressful Christmas is. It’s a magical day but it can be hard to keep up with how long the turkey has left in the oven whilst you’re cooking the vegetables, or keeping the family entertained. Why not let your Google Assistant help, with some of these great commands you can use (hands free) to make the day a bit more stress-free.


The run up towards Christmas…

“Hey Google, remind me to buy milk and cookies.”

“Hey Google, add sprouts to my shopping list.

“Hey Google, play festive music.”

“Hey Google, add Christmas dinner with friends to my calendar.”

“Hey Google, how many days are left for Christmas?”

“Hey Google, is it going to snow tomorrow?”

“Hey Google, where is Santa?”

“Hey Google, remind me to order Sarah’s dressing table.”

“Hey Google, is Tescos open today?”

“Hey Google, wake me up at 6.30am.”


Using these commands can help not only organise the preparation for the big day, but also get you excited for it. 



Christmas day


“Hey Google, play some Christmas music.”

“Hey Google, broadcast “it’s time to open presents”.”

“Hey Google, set a timer for 5 minutes.”

“Hey Google, how do you say Merry Christmas in German.”

“Hey Google, turn on the Christmas tree lights.” - Need additional smart plug and lights.


Get in the spirit and play some festive music and enjoy appliance control without having to lift a finger (additional compatible devices required).


Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max


“Hey Google, show me recipes for mince pies on YouTube.”

“Hey Google, show me how to make a wreath on YouTube.”

“Hey Google, what sounds does a reindeer make?”

“Hey Google, play Polar Express on Netflix”

“Hey Google, show me photos of last Christmas.”


Not only can you use Nest Hub Max to help tutor you with new things you want to try this Christmas, but also video call loved ones that won’t be able to visit during the festive period, so you can check in and make them feel included whilst you’re dishing up or playing a traditional family game.


“Hey Google, call Grandma.”

[1] To make calls, Google Duo accounts are required for both you and call recipients. Emergency calling not supported.